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Introduction From My e-book...
Terence S. Phillips - Personal Testimony - I Am Blessed, To Be A Blessing!
May My Testimony, Serve As Your Fuel, Your Encouragement, and Your Motivation To Know 
That When You Seek After The Lord, and You Are In His Perfect Will For Your Life - 
No Weapon Formed Against You Will Prosper!
Ever since I could remember, I felt God's leading or hand in my life. I guess it started in elementary school. One day after school, I was hanging out with some friends on the corner from school. We were just messing around having fun eating pig feet, Lemon-Heads, and Boston Baked Beans when all of a sudden, I got the urge to go back to my grandmother's house to pick up something I forgot I left there.

When I returned back to my friends that were hanging out on the corner, I found out that they were beating up and their jewelry and money was stolen from them! They thought I was involved in the incident, but I had no knowledge or indication of what was going to happen. My angle protected me from that situation and lead me to safety.

I can recall countless other stories like this in my 53 years of living that God shielded and protected me from all harm, danger and evil in my life.

Not long ago, I was employed with a Fortune 500 company. As a finance manager, I worked 60+ hours a week, coming in early and leaving late – basically I sold out to the company I worked for.

I missed several family activities, celebrations, and when I did get home at a decent time, I was too burnt out and would crash early and go straight to bed! What a life, right? Even though I made six-figures a year, I felt underappreciated, overworked, and my family life suffered for it.

As with everything in life, things changed. The senior management changed at my location and the new regime did not want my services anymore, and threw me to the curb! My years of service, my loyalty to the company, and my time with the company meant nothing!

I was hurt, angry, and felt used as no advance notice or warning was given before I was axed! Due to my loyalty to the company, and being that I was a family man, I did not have any room to do anything else. I only had this ONE SOURCE OF INCOME that provided for my family. I did have a business I formed on the side a few years ago, but it was not fully active, and I needed to do some serious marketing and advertising to have any success with the business to bring in some income.  

During this time, God was preparing me for my ministry by having this testimony and preparing me for my next kingdom development or promotion!  But, when you are going through the ups, downs, and challenges of life - it's hard to see any good in anything that you are going through!  My faith and the promises in Jesus saved me, kelp me hold and was my strength in all of the turmoil during this time of my life!

Several months later, and over $60K spent on education, development, projects, and affiliation programs – some good and some bad – I started my “Joseph wilderness” journey. I was in the pit and in the prison (well, my situation was my own prison), but now I have been promoted. At the time of this e-book release I am well on my way to a seven-figure business year!

I hear what you are saying, “What Happened?”. How did I do this in such a relative short period of time?  Well, I cracked the CODE! (Created my Own Diverse Economy)  This is an economy filled with Multiple Streams of Income (MSI), my own Beautiful Multiple Streams of Income!

Full details of how I overcame an assortment of obstacles and went from zero to hero will be revealed in my up and coming book – The Journey to Deciphering the “CODE” and Multiple Streams of Income, How You Can Too!   Before I diverge into all my tiny little secrets, I think it is extremely important to talk about how you should prepare to receive the information in this book. You see, the information I am about to share with you is life changing. Once I reveal all my tricks, secrets, and hacks that have made me well over six-figures a year, (and prayerfully, seven-figures by the end of next year), you should be on your way to duplicate my results!

But, in order for you to be able to duplicate my results, you MUST have the right mindset! At the time I wrote this book, I have 20+ Multiple Streams of Income tied into my business, no lie. 

Take a look below…
1.    Cryptocurrency Membership Platform - Passive Income
5.    PPE  Products and Services
10.  Internet Blogger/Influencer - TSP Financial Group
12.  TSP Wealth Solution Program – Getting Out of Debt
13.  The Best Brands Today
14.  TSP Women’s Awareness Campaign – Now You Know Campaign
15.  TSP Total Solution Program – Marketing
16.  The TSP MLM Secret Hacks Funnel Series and Offerings
17.  WealthCreationBluePrintToday.com
Various Affiliations Established with Online Companies
18.  Amazon
19.  Best Buy
22.  Aweber
25.  Host Gator
26.  DocuSign
27.  ClixSense
29.  Bluehost

And other Multiple Streams Of Income are in the works.

Knowing the income streams above is important, but knowing how to use and apply them in business is even more important, which I am going to reveal for you to make a lot of money! Stay with me…

Now, not all of my income streams generate the same type of revenue – some more so than others. But, that is the Beauty of Multiple Streams of Income – I am not relying solely on one revenue source! As I mentioned before, I broke the CODE – and Created my Own Diverse Economy!

I could not have developed, started, and created this type of success if I did not have the right mindset and focus to achieve this type of accomplishment. Your MIND is your KEY, your MIND will unlock the doors, and your MIND is your weapon to create the success you desire.


You see, I ALWAYS saw myself as a multi-millionaire even thru the ups and downs, good days, and bad days. Through bankruptcy, divorce, running from the repo man, losing over a million dollars in investments, having no money in the bank, getting fired, and being homeless!

You see, I have experienced it all! My surrounding was my future, not final destination – and I had to have mental determination, focus, and ambition to see myself through these rough situations. 

The road to success is not easy and it does not happen overnight! 

The reason why God did not take the children of Israel straight into Canaan, the Promised Land when they were held captive for over 400 years, was because their mindset was not ready to receive the blessings and abundance that was waiting for them! That’s why they journeyed for 40 years in the wilderness, to develop dependency on God, patience, strength, and character.   

Do you think Bill Gates or Warren Buffet had a negative mentality before they became super wealthy? Not a chance. In fact, the beyond-affluent star, Oprah Winfrey, was quoted as saying, “You become what you believe. You are where you are today in your life based on everything you have believed.”

Your thought process can be the difference between a successful you and a suffering you. Are you constantly struggling with money? Your thoughts might be holding you back. Your thoughts impact what you will (or will not become). If you cherish positive thoughts, you will experience positive outcomes. 

Do you focus most of your energy on the things you do not want? 

Are you constantly thinking about how you do not have enough money? 

Do you stress constantly about the bills you need to pay? 

Are you trapped in a mentality of scarcity? 

If you said yes to any of these questions, you need to reconsider your thought patterns. Think about it. Your mind projects reality on you – your reality. Your perspective on life will influence the outcome of your situation. 

What kind of outcome do you want? If you are reading this eBook, chances are you are actively seeking a prosperous one. 

My eBook is filled with actual tools, tips, secrets, and steps I used to MAKE MONEY – A LOT OF MONEY!  But, you have to open your mind to receive these life changing lessons and instructions. 

Anytime I get stuck, and need motivation and strength and encouragement, I read my Bible, seek the advice of a mentor, and speak positive affirmations into my life and situation. 

I have included some powerful affirmations that have worked for me, and you can use them too. Repeat them over and over again to put you back into a positive money making mindset!   

Anytime you are trying to make money and have negative, self-destructive thoughts about money creeping into your head, take out this eBook and repeat some of these positive affirmations to yourself. 

Believe them. Envision your prosperity, whatever that may be for you. Whether it is being more helpful to others, a bigger house, your dream job, a luxurious vacation, or anything else that you feel money can bring you. 

Keep in mind, that, positive affirmations about money are only half the battle. It is your job to take steps toward a more prosperous future. Figure out exactly what it is you want, and focus on that every day. By focus, I mean you must actually do something to lead to your financial goals. 

By having a positive mindset that focuses on the money and taking the steps to make it happen, you will visualize, think, and act your way to financial freedom. You are on your way to being a CODER!

These affirmations are in no particular order and can be read individually or in groups on a regular basis. The goal is to develop a positive mindset about money. 

Remember that wealth is in your future – it is up to you, to aspire and attain it through intention, action, and a positive mindset about your money.

My Top 25 Positive Money Attracting Affirmations
1. Money comes easily to me
2. I do not struggle with money
3. I always find a way to attract more money than I need, with ease
4. I am financially free
5. I am wealthy both spiritually and literally
6. I am wealthy and I constantly attract money
7. My God guides me to wealth
8. My wealth is abundant and appears when I need it
9. I deserve prosperity and wealth
10. God knows exactly when to give me the money I need
11. I live in abundance and have enough money for everything I want
12. I am affluent in every way
13. I have more money than I know what to do with. What a great feeling!
14. I feel energized by my financial freedom
15. I take comfort knowing how easily money comes to me
16. I can have everything I want and need. There is abundance in my life
17. I am overjoyed at the abundance of wealth in my life
18. I am rich and prosperous
19. God supplies me with all the wealth I want, as He deems best
20. I am grateful for the abundance of wealth in my life
21. I attract money every single day
22. I feel at ease knowing how financially free I am
23. I am rich beyond my wildest dreams
24. I feel comfortable with my abundance of money
25. I know that as I keep working, my wealth keeps massively growing

I also recommend the following books to cultivate your mind to grow good and positive mental pictures and events to spring up into your life (click the links):


Let’s talk about the enemy, the very thing that keeps us working 9-to-5 for half of our natural lives. That enemy is linear income. Linear income is when you get paid X amount of dollars for every hour you work. This is how 99% of the people in this world earn their money, through linear income. 

So why exactly is linear income so bad? Why did I just declare it our enemy? 

Well, for starters linear income keeps people working because they have to, NOT because they want to… 

Let’s say you have a mortgage to pay, car payments, all kinds of bills, and a family to take care of.  What will happen to all of that if you suddenly stop working? You lose the house, the car, and you and your family go broke and possibly homeless. That’s what linear income does. It enslaves people and keeps them working 40 hours a week until they are old, tired, and have to retire. 

The whole “system” of linear income is designed to benefit the company you work for, NOT you. The company gets a skilled, dedicated worker that devotes and sacrifices half of their life to make the company successful. What does the worker get? The means to get by paycheck-to-paycheck every single month. Furthermore, the worker is expandable and can easily be replaced if they start demanding too much or misbehave. 

Now, let me ask you this: if you have a regular 9–5 job, and keep earning a linear income for the rest of your life, will you be able to have the life you have always dreamed of? Probably not.

You can, of course, live a humble life, eventually own your own house, and raise a family.  Now that’s not bad, but it’s probably not something you dream and fantasize about every day. It’s not something you would keep in mind when buying a lottery ticket.

OK, now that we’ve talked about our enemy. Let’s talk about our "savior." The Savior is Jesus Christ and the ideal he placed in my creativity and mind of having residual income.  A simple definition of residual income is getting paid every month for something you do once. So, what’s so great about that? First off, you don’t have to keep working 9-to-5 just to afford your monthly living expenses. If you have enough money coming in from residual income every month to afford your monthly expenses, all you have to do is put in a few hours a month monitoring your income. 

You can be free, free to do what you like every single day of the week, free to wake up at 3pm, free to…well…do everything you think of doing when you’re at work and wish you were somewhere else. 

You can live in any country in the world, without worrying about getting a job there first.  With residual income, you get to be free from worrying about money, free from 9-to-5, and most importantly you get your life back!

So, are you ready? Well, let’s get started, shall we?  
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